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Final Fantasy Press

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ff_press @delicious or ff_press @twitter

Welcome to ff_press, a newsletter for the Final Fantasy franchise. ff_press covers relevant fandom news and fanwork across the internet.

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The newsletter no longer has a header policy. Our goal each day is to include as much as possible. To list fanwork we use loose application of fandom/canon and characters. As of now, ratings are required for fanfiction as we debate a new policy. All editors reserve the right hold a work and consult other editors if we cannot sort it to a category. If you do not see your work listed within two days, feel free to give us a shout. Anyone can ask to be listed; the more information you give us will ensure your work is tagged correctly on delicious and appears as soon as possible.

avoid getting listed:
We will link to any public post that fits our criteria. For public posts to be skipped, please include "Do not link in newsletters" or "Do not link in ff_press." at the top of the entry. To remove an individual link, please comment on the issue it appears on. For more complicated removal processes, please e-mail us at ff.press@gmail.com to discuss the options.

locations we will link:
We are no longer Livejournal specific and will link any Livejournal clone and any other site. However, we do not link to work in comments or locked posts/posts that state they will be locked in the future.

following and getting followed:
We watch a large portion of Livejournal fandom and are reaching out to other communities, but we won't catch everything. The best source of Final Fantasy news is you! If you have relevant Final Fantasy links or places we should be watching, alert us at ff.press@gmail.com.

To see the websites, communities and fans we are currently following, visit http://www.delicious.com/ff_press/following. Alternately, you can visit the Look up an URL page, type in the default URL for a website or journal, and see if "Final Fantasy Press" is one of the accounts that follows it.

You can suggest sites for us to follow using our following recommendation form. We will only ever see public entries (RSS respects privacy settings).

Contact us by email or comment if you believe we have missed a link or with any questions or concerns. Our (under construction) FAQ is also available.

This community is restricted to newsletter editors. If you are familiar with delicious and think you would like to edit for the newsletter, please send us an e-mail and one of our editors will get back to you!
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